5 Top ActiveCampaign Alternatives for Email Analytics

Paul Jones
Paul Jones

Why look for ActiveCampaign alternatives? While ActiveCampaign is a highly sought-after email marketing solution, some people find it expensive and difficult to use, especially if they are new to email marketing. Luckily, other powerful email marketing software options are available on the market.

In this article, we will explore five top ActiveCampaign alternatives for email analytics that provide businesses with robust features, insightful analytics and reliable performance tracking. 

Let’s discover the best tools that can help you maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

ActiveCampaign alternatives: Criteria for selection

While selecting the best ActiveCampaign alternatives, we considered the following criteria:

  • Ease of use – We checked how user-friendly each platform is. Straightforward email marketing tools make accessing and interpreting data easier, which is crucial for making informed decisions about email campaigns.
  • Marketing automation features – We looked for platforms that offer advanced marketing automation features to improve your marketing workflows and ensure that you send the relevant emails to the right people at the right time, increasing engagement and conversions.
  • Integration options – We checked if the email marketing platform can connect with other tools or platforms such as CRM systems, social media platforms or e-commerce platforms to provide a more comprehensive view of your audience and campaign performance. Integrations enable you to access and analyze data from multiple sources, providing a complete picture of your email campaigns.
  • Analytics and reporting features – We considered email marketing platforms that offer analytics and reporting features such as open rates, conversion rates and A/B testing that help optimize your campaigns for better engagement and conversions.
  • Pricing – We compared the pricing plans of the ActiveCampaign alternatives to help you find a product that meets your needs and budget. Getting the best value for your money and avoiding overspending on unnecessary features is especially important for small businesses.

Based on those criteria, we chose the five best ActiveCampaign alternatives that can help you enhance your email marketing efforts. Let’s discuss them in detail.

5 Top ActiveCampaign alternatives for email analytics

Here’s our list of the best ActiveCampaign alternatives:


SEINō is an email marketing platform offering businesses near real-time information on the performance of their email campaigns. By utilizing SEINō, enterprises can monitor subscriber engagement, track email performance and pinpoint areas that require enhancement within their email marketing approach.

Fundamentally, SEINō serves as an email analytics platform that gives businesses the convenience of effortlessly tracking and assessing the effectiveness of their email campaigns. 

All the advanced features and the platform’s high level of customization empower businesses to adapt their email marketing strategy according to their requirements and preferences.

What makes SEINō different from other email marketing software?

  1. SEINō enables you to monitor essential transactional metrics, including overall revenue, revenue per email sent, average order value and transaction volume. 
  2. Instead of relying solely on individual campaign reports within your email service provider (ESP), SEINō offers a consolidated reporting view that allows you to compare and benchmark multiple campaigns simultaneously.
  3. With SEINō, you can track the progress of your subscriber lists and observe how your customer base is evolving. This feature provides insights into the growth and development of your audience, helping you make informed decisions to optimize your email marketing strategies.


  • Advanced reporting and segmentation tools
  • A/B testing
  • Link tracking
  • Highly customizable graphs
  • Data export
  • Data filters
  • Metric targets
  • Easy sharing
  • Dashboard builder
  • Benchmark comparison
  • Pro-active notifications
  • Integrates with Google Analytics and Deployteq, Salesforce, Selligent, Copernica, Klaviyo, Braze etc.


  • Basic: €59 a month for up to 50,000 email sends
  • Standard: €129 a month for up to 250,000 email sends
  • Pro: €199 a month for up to 1,500,000 email sends
  • Enterprise: €499 a month for unlimited email sends

Email analytics in comparison to ActiveCampaign

Seino email analytics

SEINō provides email analytics that allows businesses to monitor the effectiveness of their email campaigns and observe subscriber interaction. 

Its Data Explorer allows you to easily manipulate, group, arrange and filter your data attributes. 

Just like ActiveCampaign, it offers Google Analytics integration allowing you to delve into your email marketing data, which makes it an excellent ActiveCampaign alternative.

Customer reviews

Seino customer reviews

Case studies

Roxanne customer review

Glanbia is the leading global seller of sports supplements. Over a span of two years, Body&Fit and Optimum Nutrition, both under Glanbia, have experienced remarkable growth, expanding their presence from four to thirteen countries.

Implementing SEINō has revolutionized Glanbia’s email marketing campaigns by providing them with real-time insights. 

This advanced tool allows them to delve into transactional details and revenue data, using up-to-the-minute e-commerce data mapping. As a result, Glanbia’s CRM team can now generate comprehensive weekly reports within minutes, covering both brands across all thirteen countries. 

This streamlined process saves them approximately 16 hours per week, which they can now allocate towards segment analysis, personalization efforts and A/B testing.

Temeer Group

Temeer Group, a conglomerate of three fashion brands with over 150 physical stores across four countries and a robust online sales presence, faced significant challenges when creating email reports. 

The CRM team needed help with the time-consuming process of manually copying data from the email service provider to Excel and then combining it with transaction and revenue data extracted from Google Analytics.

However, since partnering with SEINō, Temeer Group has experienced remarkable time savings by eliminating this repetitive and cumbersome process. The reports generated are always up-to-date, providing the CRM team with instant access to accurate email marketing data. 

This newfound efficiency saves valuable time and empowers the team to gain deeper insights into their customer base, enabling them to make more informed decisions and optimize their email marketing strategies effectively.


ActiveCampaign alternatives: Klaviyo

Image source: eCommerce Fastlane

Klaviyo is an email marketing platform that empowers online brands to manage their consumer data and interactions effectively. It offers businesses the ability to transform individual customer transactions into long-lasting relationships.

The platform seamlessly integrates with various technology tools, such as Shopify, Magento, Facebook, Google Ads and Zapier. This integration gives businesses a comprehensive understanding of each customer who visits their website, including the factors that drive their engagement, bounce rates or purchase decisions.

Klaviyo offers a collection of email and SMS templates enabling businesses to automate personalized communications. Each customer receives relevant and tailored messages concerning timely recommendations, drop alerts and cart reminders.


  • A/B testing
  • Landing page builder
  • Workflow automation
  • Web push notifications
  • Subscriber management
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Pre-built templates
  • Customer intelligence
  • Reporting features
  • HTML editor
  • Bulk SMS marketing campaigns


Klaviyo offers a forever-free plan and three paid plans:

  • Free: allows for 500 monthly email sends
  • Email: 15 email sends for $45 a month
  • Email and SMS: with 1,250 monthly SMS credits and 15,000 monthly contacts for $60 a month

Email analytics in comparison to ActiveCampaign

Klaviyo provides a highly customizable dashboard. It allows you to effortlessly generate reports using standard metrics such as campaign revenue, total revenue, number of unsubscribers and other relevant data points. 

ActiveCampaign’s dashboard is equally precise but not so adaptable. It focuses more on contacts and customer engagement, while Klaviyo’s dashboard concentrates more on revenue. 

What’s more, Klaviyo can pull all past data for better analysis, while ActiveCampaign can only utilize data from recent activities.

Case study

Klaviyo chefs case study

Image source: Freepik

Hedley & Bennett served professional chefs through their B2B operations and a diverse group of home chefs through their growing direct-to-consumer (DTC) business. To keep their customers engaged with relevant emails, the team required a tool that could deliver personalized messaging at a large scale.

Hedley & Bennett used Mailchimp for their email marketing needs for many years. However, as the company expanded, it realized that Mailchimp lacked the necessary segmentation tools to cater to its rapidly diversifying audience.

By leveraging Klaviyo, Hedley & Bennett gained the ability to send highly targeted messages, not only to their home chefs but also to specific sub-segments such as grillers, browsing non-buyers or previous Mother’s Day shoppers.

What’s more, they were able to accomplish all of this efficiently. Given their lean team, the capability to create a new segment “within the five minutes while setting up an email to be sent the next day” was crucial.

To reward their chef’s knife’s earliest enthusiasts, Hedley & Bennett used Klaviyo to create a waitlist for their first non-apron product. They promoted the waitlist through email, paid digital ads and social media. 

The result was an impressive response, with over 4,000 people signing up in under two weeks, gaining early access to the knife on its launch day.

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Wildmetrics (Wild Mail)

ActiveCampaign alternatives: Wildmetrics

Image source: Wildmetrics website

Wildmetrics is a revenue analytics tool that allows users to get insights into AI-powered reports by connecting Stripe and Segment. Using Wildmetrics, businesses can track and analyze customer journey to improve their funnels and increase revenue.

Wildmetrics offers a tool called Wild Mail, which is a cost-effective ActiveCampaign alternative for European companies. It combines email marketing and automation features to assist businesses in cultivating genuine connections with their audience.

Wild Mail provides all the tools for effective communication, such as email marketing, marketing automation, CRM and messaging.

This email marketing tool allows you to effortlessly monitor the revenue generated from ActiveCampaign emails, enhance your sales funnels and gain a straightforward overview of your business, helping you achieve your revenue goals more quickly. It doesn’t require specialized developers or analysts – the process is streamlined for easy implementation.

Additionally, the software supports seamless integration with over two hundred other tools, allowing businesses to connect with the software they already use to manage their operations.


  • Marketing automation
  • Import contacts
  • Site and event tracking
  • Subscription forms
  • Email and automation reporting
  • Drag and drop email builder
  • Segmentation
  • Automation templates


Wild Mail offers the following paid plans:

  • Lite Plan with marketing automation features and unlimited monthly emails for €13 per month
  • Plus Plan with landing pages and SMS marketing for €63 a month
  • Professional Plan with predictive sending and Salesforce integrations for €168 a month
  • Enterprise with custom reporting and custom mail server domain for €290 a month

Email analytics in comparison to ActiveCampaign

Wild Mail is an email analytics app designed to work with ActiveCampaign for European companies. It offers free email analytics to track ActiveCampaign email revenue, improve funnels and get a simple business overview to achieve the next revenue goal faster.

[Customer feedback or case studies for Wild Mail not available]


ActiveCampaign alternatives: Spotler

Image source: SoftwareAdvice

Spotler is software designed to assist businesses with their email marketing needs across various sectors, such as government, education and eCommerce. 

It offers a range of features that encompass deploying landing pages, managing marketing campaigns and sending newsletters. 

Notable functionalities of Spotler include a template editor, form builder, survey management, A/B testing, automated campaigns and a database editor.

One of the key capabilities of this email marketing automation software is allowing managers to create audience segments, enabling them to send personalized messages to targeted groups. 

Furthermore, Spotler facilitates the inclusion of registration forms and pop-ups across websites, empowering teams to capture valuable information and engage with website visitors effectively.

It integrates with several software products, such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, Shopify, Magento, Workbooks etc.


  • User-friendly platform
  • Template editor
  • From builder
  • Survey management
  • A/B testing
  • Automated campaigns
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Data segmentation
  • Automated workflows
  • Ecommerce features


Spotler team provides a customized quote upon request.

Email analytics in comparison to ActiveCampaign

Similarly to ActiveCampaign, Spotler offers email analytics features like campaign analytics, automated email responses and email deliverability management.

Customer reviews

Spotler customer review

(Lisa F. on


ActiveCampaign alternatives: Iterable

Image source: Email Vendor Selection

Iterable is a marketing automation platform offering comprehensive features for managing user engagement campaigns across multiple channels. The platform uses dynamic workflows to enable users to create and manage campaigns effectively. With Iterable, users can easily segment their audience based on specific criteria or activity and convert these segments into static or real-time dynamic lists that automatically update.

One of the key benefits of Iterable is its ability to automate touchpoints and test marketing strategies without requiring technical assistance. Users can send targeted, blast or triggered email campaigns, mobile push notifications and SMS messages. 

These campaigns can be based on customer behavior, such as interactions with a website, app or previous campaigns.

Iterable integrates with various services and applications such as Amazon Simple Email Service, ActionIQ, Adjust, Branch, Zendesk, mParticle and Crowdskout.


  • Dynamic workflows
  • Audience segmentation
  • List management
  • Email campaigns
  • Mobile push notifications and SMS messages
  • Preview and testing
  • Drag and drop builder


Iterable offers pricing plans tailored to each business’s specific needs and scale. 

The pricing often depends on factors such as the number of active users or contacts, monthly email sends and additional features or services required.

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Email analytics in comparison to ActiveCampaign

Iterable offers real-time analytics to track user behavior across channels and devices, A/B testing and a drag-and-drop builder to create personalized campaigns based on user behavior. You can find similar features in ActiveCampaign’s offer.

Case study

Iterable Omnia Fishing case study

Image source: Freepik

Omnia Fishing, an online retailer specializing in fishing tackle, assists anglers in discovering the most suitable gear for specific bodies of water. It aggregates data from thousands of fishing reports and bodies of water, providing personalized product recommendations that align with each customer’s fishing goals.

Recognizing the importance of personalization in enhancing the shopping experience, Omnia Fishing sought a partner with a flexible data model to efficiently handle the vast amounts of data they collect. It allowed them to send personalized emails and push communications at scale, improving customer experience.

Before adopting Iterable, Omnia Fishing relied on different tools for their customer communications – a basic email service provider (ESP) for newsletter delivery and a custom solution for transactional emails. However, they encountered challenges with both approaches.

Since implementing Iterable and utilizing its Catalog, the introduction of personalized, data-driven emails has significantly increased Omnia Fishing’s subscriber base. 

Before Iterable, they had 55,000 engaged subscribers who actively read and clicked through their emails. By late 2022, this number had grown to 85,000 subscribers, marking a nearly 55% increase within six months.

Moreover, these subscribers are now more engaged with emails influenced by Iterable and Catalog, resulting in an almost 18% boost in click-through rates, driving increased traffic to their online retail site.

ActiveCampaign alternatives: Comparison table

We prepared a  comparison in the form of a table to help you choose the best ActiveCampaign alternative.

PlatformSEINōKlaviyoWild MailSpotlerIterableActiveCampaign
Free trialYesNoYesYesNoYes
Free planNoYesYesNoNoNo
Segmentation toolsYesYesYesYesYesYes
A/B testingYesYesNoYesYesYes
Google Analytics integrationYesYesNoYesYesYes
Pricing per month starting at€59 for 50,000 emails$45 for 15,000 emails€13 for unlimited emailsN/AN/A$15 for 10,000 emails


Exploring alternative options to ActiveCampaign for email analytics can open up a world of possibilities for businesses seeking advanced features, comprehensive insights and seamless integrations. While ActiveCampaign is a popular choice, the five alternatives highlighted in this article offer unique strengths and capabilities that can take your email marketing efforts to new heights.

Remember to consider your business needs, budget and goals when selecting the right alternative for your organization. Each solution brings its own set of advantages and may align better with different use cases.

However, SEINō stands out as a tool you can use on top of each software option mentioned in the article to enrich their data.

This feature-rich tool simplifies the process of extracting valuable information from your email campaigns. Its user-friendly Data Explorer lets you easily manipulate, filter and analyze your data attributes, empowering you to derive actionable insights and make informed decisions. Schedule a free demo to see how the tool works.

ActiveCampaign alternatives: FAQ

Is HubSpot better than ActiveCampaign?

Whether HubSpot is better than ActiveCampaign or vice versa depends on your business’s specific needs and requirements. Both platforms offer unique features and capabilities that can benefit different organizations.
HubSpot is a comprehensive all-in-one marketing platform that goes beyond email marketing. It provides many tools for inbound marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), content management, social media marketing and more. 
HubSpot’s strength lies in its extensive integrated features, allowing businesses to manage various aspects of their marketing efforts within a unified platform.
On the other hand, ActiveCampaign is highly regarded for its robust email marketing and automation capabilities. It offers advanced segmentation, automation workflows, CRM integration and detailed email analytics. 
ActiveCampaign is particularly popular among businesses focused on email marketing and looking for powerful automation features.

Which is better, Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign?

Deciding between Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign depends on your specific requirements and business needs. Both platforms offer distinct features and cater to different types of users.
Mailchimp is a popular choice for small to medium-sized businesses and beginners in email marketing. It provides a user-friendly interface, an intuitive email campaign builder and a wide range of pre-designed templates. 
Mailchimp also offers basic automation features, audience segmentation and basic reporting capabilities. It is known for its ease of use and beginner-friendly approach.
On the other hand, ActiveCampaign is a robust platform focusing on advanced automation and comprehensive email marketing capabilities. It offers sophisticated automation workflows, advanced segmentation options, in-depth email analytics and CRM integration. 
ActiveCampaign is suitable for businesses that require advanced automation and customization options to execute complex email marketing strategies.

Is there a free version of ActiveCampaign?

No, ActiveCampaign does not offer a free version of its platform. They provide various pricing plans based on the features and functionalities you require for your business. ActiveCampaign’s pricing structure is tiered, with different features and customer support available at each pricing tier. 
While they don’t have a free plan, they offer a trial period during which you can test their platform and explore its capabilities before committing to a subscription.

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