Top 6 Competitors for Email Analytics

Kevin Steba
Kevin Steba
Funnel io competitors for email analytics

HubSpot’s data analysts found that brands earn, on average, $36 for every dollar spent on email marketing. But how can you be sure that your marketing team’s efforts are getting you the desired ROI? The answer lies in email tracking tools.

81% of marketing agencies and B2C organizations use analytics tools for collecting data to see how successful their strategy is and whether it resonates with clients. In fact, experts at Dell Technologies say that “Data is the most valuable asset and using it in the right way is necessary to make intelligent business decisions, drive growth and improve profitability.” is quite a popular tool for gathering marketing information since it allows you to extract data from different sources. However, companies are starting to look for competitors because the tool comes with steep pricing and lower data granularity.

Although it provides a good overview of the bigger picture across multiple tools and channels, it doesn’t offer particularly advanced email tracking features – which may come as a disappointment compared to its cost.

Keep reading to find better alternatives for your email analytics needs. competitors & alternative options: Selection criteria

Take your time going through our list to pick the best alternative for you. These are the top criteria you should consider before buying:

  • Basic features – The bare minimum for competitors should include ease of use, a friendly user interface and a comprehensive set of email analytics options (open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, conversion rates etc.).
  • Additional features – It’s up to you to pick the feature set most valuable for your company, be that testing and automation functionalities, an email builder or multichannel marketing.
  • Data integration options – The software you choose should be able to integrate data with your ESP, any marketing automation platforms and productivity services you might be using, web analytics software and any other tools relevant to your company. This ensures comfortable data transfers without gaps or redundancies, resulting in better decision-making and customer experience, simplified operations and increased productivity.
  • Pricing vs. value – You may come across tempting free alternatives. While a free demo or trial period is great for testing the tool’s capabilities, full-time free plans typically have limited functionality. Consider what features are most vital for you and opt for the email analytics platform that offers the best value for money. competitors: 6 best alternative options for email analytics

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the best alternatives for marketing teams to measure their email campaign success.


Funnel io competitors: Seino
Seino analytics

SEINō is an email tracking and analytics platform businesses use to monitor their email campaigns’ success in near real time. It allows companies to keep up with their email marketing performance, survey their subscriber engagement and customize their strategy to their needs. Results show that our tool helps to elevate your email marketing and boost your team’s productivity by 90%.

The friendly UI makes navigation across the program intuitive and lets you easily spot any weaknesses in your email marketing. SEINō also offers segmentation tools for creating targeted campaigns that better resonate with your specific audience. Digital marketing specialist and Forbes Councils Member, Shane Barker, highlights this as one of the most important ways of turning emails into conversions.

While many competitors allow you to view and monitor one campaign at a time, SEINō lets you compare and benchmark many campaigns in one reporting view. On top of that, SEINō is one of the few tools offering transactional metrics and the option to monitor your subscriber list.

Customer feedback

Seino customer feedback

Some of the top SEINō clients include Schiphol, Body&Fit, CCV, EasyToys, Kaartje2go, Manfield, Sissy Boy and Whoppah.


  • Transactional metrics tracking (revenue per email sent, average order value, number of transactions, total revenue)
  • Monitoring subscriber list and customer base
  • A/B testing (subject line, content, CTA buttons, media)
  • Highly customizable data graphs
  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Integration with Deployteq, Selligent, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Copernica, Braze, Klaviyo and web analytics platforms such as Google Analytics


  • Free trial – 30 days
  • Basic – €59/month for up to 50,000 email sends
  • Standard – €129/month for up to 250,000 email sends
  • Pro – €199/month for up to 1,500,000 email sends
  • Enterprise – €499/month for unlimited email sends


Funnel io competitors: Litmus
Image source: Software Advice

Litmus is another email data extraction tool marketers use to create, test and analyze data from email campaigns. Its primary function is allowing companies to manage and sort through their marketing emails while ensuring brand consistency.

This alternative includes a unique email builder feature for instant previews, easy code navigation and access to code snippets you can reuse. Integrating email analytics tracking codes lets you view data such as engagement duration and subscriber location.

However, limited email and transactional data tracking options cause users to look for Litmus alternatives with more extensive options.

Litmus geolocation
Image source: Software Advice

Customer feedback

Litmus is rated at 4.3/5 stars on SaaSworthy, based on 270 reviews.

Here’s a brief insight into what customers are saying:

Litmus positive feedback
Image source: GetApp
Litmus negative feedback
Image source: GetApp


  • Easy-to-use builder with intuitive UI
  • Reporting tools and analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Link click tracking
  • Event-triggered actions and automation
  • Email previews available on all devices
  • Geolocation analytics
  • Lets you integrate data with Mailchimp, HubSpot, Google Analytics and Trello


  • Free trial – seven days
  • Basic – $99/month for up to 1,000 email previews
  • Plus – $199/month for up to 2,000 email previews 
  • Custom – custom pricing model tailored to your needs, with an unlimited number of users


Funnel io competitors: Supermetrics
Image source: Capterra

Supermetrics facilitates data export to external platforms, enabling in-depth reporting and analytics, aggregating data, storing it and presenting it in clear visuals. It offers integrations that allow users to pull data from their email marketing channels into Supermetrics.

This tool focuses on functionality, letting you collect more dimensions and metrics from data connectors than Some other advantages of this platform over include:

  • Granular data extraction from all data sources
  • Direct data transfers to Looker Studio, Google Sheets and Excel
  • No information is stored in a third-party location

Despite its functionalities, it doesn’t come with sufficient storage to keep historical data, which (combined with real-time data) is vital for predicting the future and staying ahead of the market competition. This makes it difficult to track progress over time. Consequently, you may have to pay extra for an additional data warehouse or look for a Supermetrics alternative.

Similarly to, Supermetrics lacks advanced data transformation features, except for Custom Fields. It may take your team more time to sort through and harmonize tons of raw data into actionable information.

Customer feedback

Supermetrics was rated at 4.3/5 stars by 103 users on Capterra. Here’s what they’re saying about this competitor:

Supermetrics customer feedback
Image source: Capterra


  • Email performance tracking
  • Real-time monitoring and analyzing data
  • Automated reporting processes
  • Data visualization tool with custom metrics
  • Data integration with email marketing platforms like Mailchimp or Monitor
  • Merging statistics from different data sources
Supermetrics data aggregation
Image source: Capterra


Their pricing is destination-specific; here’s what it looks like for the Looker Studio:

  • Free trial – 14 days
  • Single Connector – €39/user/month for one data source
  • Essential – €69 per month for nine data sources with one user and five accounts per data source 
  • Core – €199 per month for up to 26 data sources with one user and ten accounts per data source 
  • Super – €499/month for up to 73 data sources with three users and ten accounts per data source 
  • Enterprise – custom pricing for up to 100 data sources with a custom number of users and accounts

Email on Acid

Funnel io competitors: Email on Acid
Image source: G2

Email on Acid is primarily used for email testing, optimizing marketing campaigns and improving deliverability. It offers a comprehensive set of email previews and content-checking options. Another valuable feature is separating transactional emails from newsletters for more accurate data visualization of your team’s marketing efforts.

Compared to other alternatives, Email on Acid has the advantage of not limiting the number of tests you’re allowed to run. This is especially important because studies show that brands that use extensive testing report an ROI of 40:1. However, some users complain about the UI, long loading times and problems when sending multiple emails simultaneously.

Customer feedback

The average Email on Acid score on Trustpilot is 3.4/5 stars from 64 reviews. Here are some of the tool’s pros and cons, as described by its users:

Email on Acid positive feedback
Image source: Trustpilot
Email on acid 3 star feedback
Image source: Trustpilot


  • Accessibility checks, URL validation, blacklist verifications
  • Heat mapping
  • Pre-deployment Campaign Precheck
  • Limitless testing
  • Engagement tracking with time distribution data
  • Opens, reads and clicks statistics
  • HTML emails spellcheck
  • Visual, easy-to-navigate interface
  • Integrations include Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Vertical Response, SendGrid, Jango Mail, Mailkit, Vivmail etc.


  • Free trial – seven days
  • The Basics – $99/month billed monthly or $74/month billed annually for one user
  • Premium – $179/month billed monthly or $134/month billed annually for three users
  • Professional – $599/month billed monthly or $449/month billed annually for ten users
  • Enterprise – custom price and package


Funnel io competitors: Wildmetrics
Source: Wildmetrics website

Wildmetrics is a competitor concentrating primarily on revenue-oriented email marketing reporting. It lets you aggregate data from Stripe and Segment, which is great for SaaS businesses. It also uses OpenAI to give you actionable advice on improving your conversion rates and revenue based on your current results.

The OpenAI foundation can be both a pro and a con. On the one side, it makes processes faster, easier and more responsive. On the other, it’s not always 100% accurate. Wildmetrics also doesn’t support historical data management, so you might need additional data warehouses for storing large amounts of information.

Unlike similar tools, Wildmetrics only works on data from emails that have caused conversions. Since 81% of marketers measure email engagement to track their content performance, this may be quite a drawback for you.

Customer feedback

Wildmetrics is a relatively new email data transformation platform. There aren’t enough users who have used and tested its options for a clear, objective overview.


  • MRR and ARR monitoring
  • Milestone tracking
  • AI-powered recommendations
  • Benchmarks


  • Free – up to €10,000 MRR
  • Early bird – €49 per month for tracking unlimited MRR


Funnel io competitors: MailCharts
Image source: SourceForge

MailCharts is another one of the alternatives worth mentioning. It was created especially with e-commerce and online stores in mind. At its core, it offers much more than analyzing all your marketing data. It’s more of an industry knowledge base with hundreds of inspirations for email designs and campaign types.

This is a straightforward tool for optimizing email campaigns. Their unique Email Score system ranks your email based on criteria like HTML code, mobile optimization, spam filter etc.

Customer feedback

The average MailCharts score on Cuspera is 4.0/5, based on 298 reviews, testimonials and expert opinions. However, there are very few written reviews about this platform, as it’s one of the less popular alternatives.


  • Email scoring
  • E-commerce trends and tips
  • Benchmarking with your top competitors
  • Database with email samples
  • Access to the best sending times, volumes and subject lines in your industry
  • A/B testing with access to results from similar tests performed by other brands
  • Integrations with email service providers, such as MailChimp, SendGrid or ConstantContact, through data connectors


  • Free plan – limited number of email samples
  • Pro – $149/month (+ $49 for each additional user); millions of email samples, trends and benchmarks
  • Enterprise – custom price, unlimited number of users, access to SMS templates competitors & alternative options: Comparison table

PlatformFeaturesPricingBest for
Funnel.ioMultiple integrations
Automated marketing reports
Data import
Data warehouse
Limited Free option, then from €360/monthAnalyzing data from different marketing and sales platforms
SEINōTransactional metrics
Data Explorer
Segmentation tools
From €59/monthIn-depth email tracking and analytics for medium and enterprise marketing agencies and e-commerce companies
LitmusEmail rendering metrics
From $99/monthEmail design and collaboration across teams
SupermetricsEmail performance tracking
Data visualization
Automated reporting
From €19/monthMarketing data integration and analytics
Email on AcidEmail heat mapping
Visual data representation
Limitless testing
Campaign precheck
From $74/monthEmail testing for small to large companies
WildmetricsMonitoring MRR and ARR
Milestone tracking
AI-powered recommendations
Limited Free option, then from €49/monthAnalyzing MRR
MailChartsEmail scoring
E-commerce trends and tips
Benchmarking with competitors
Database with email samples
Limited Free option, then from $149/monthE-commerce email samples and trends


There are many approaches to analyzing all the data from your email marketing campaigns, but if you aim to focus on performance and revenue metrics, SEINō may be the answer. The actionable, real-time insights will allow you to drastically improve your business intelligence in less time than you thought was possible.

Schedule a free demo to see how we can help you grow your business. competitors: FAQ

Is the data extraction tool worth it?

This data analysis software has a free option for fundamental needs. The prices for its Essentials, Plus and Enterprise options are, respectively, €360, €1,000 and €2,200 monthly. Although the tool has many functionalities, these prices are steep, and you can find more budget-friendly options.

What is used for? is a cloud-based marketing analytics and data automation platform designed to help businesses gather, clean and visualize marketing data from various sources, including email. Its main job is to keep your data safe and up-to-date while saving you hours of manual labor collecting data from all websites, platforms and channels you use.

Does store marketing data?

This tool gathers marketing data from multiple sources, including Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, email and more. Once collected, processes and transforms the data into a standardized format, allowing users to analyze and visualize their marketing performance.
Its primary purpose is to streamline data collection and reporting. Although it does store data, it’s not intended to be a long-term storage solution for raw data.

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